Test That Used Outboard. Never allow a used boat motor purchase to change into an Outboard Motor Repair. Read below for a few important checks you can perform yourself. There are a few steps you can take to keep from getting ripped off and lower the chances of buying someone else’s problems.

When hunting for second hand outboards it’s crucial to have them inspected before you purchase them. It is not a big expense to get an outboard repair shop to look them over. The cash saved in the future is well worth it. I have witnessed time and time again people buy second hand motors on good faith. The prior owner swears that they are in excellent shape and running order. As soon as the new owner brings the outboard in for a tune up or check, usually there is something wrong with it. I have witnessed lots of motors bought in good faith that are really very badly damaged and require a costly repair. An outboard motor repair may be very pricey.

A workshop can inspect the motor from top to bottom. They should check the engine mounts and bushings, the propeller and gearbox condition. They ought to also run the outboard and verify the tuning, gear shift function, charging and have a good listen to the sound of the outboard. Listening for some inner bearing racket or too much piston slap etc that could require an outboard motor repair.

A compression test should be carried out on the motor and nearly all shops possess the capacity to look in the outboard with a small flashlight or bore scope. The condition of the cylinder bores or liners will be noted, and this provides a very important clue of piston and ring condition. The time required to accomplish an inspection is approx 1-2 hours. With shops charging around $75 dollars an hour, it is an incredibly cheap and sensible move to take to safeguard yourself against potential unexpected costs.

However always keep in mind- there is no assurance that the service technician can discover everything that could possibly be amiss with the engine. There is only so much they can test to preclude an outboard motor repair.